/ˈʌndəram / (say 'unduhrahm)

1. under the arm: an underarm seam.
2. in the armpit: underarm odour.
3. Cricket, Tennis, etc. executed with the hand below the shoulder as in bowling, service, etc.
4. Cricket, Tennis, etc. with an underarm action.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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  • underarm — (adj.) 1816, underhand (in ref. to a style of throwing), from UNDER (Cf. under) + ARM (Cf. arm) (n.1). First attested 1908 in dressmaking sense of seams on the lower half of the arm hole; as a euphemism for ARMPIT (Cf. armpit), it is attested… …   Etymology dictionary

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  • underarm — I UK [ˈʌndərˌɑː(r)m] / US [ˈʌndərˌɑrm] noun [countable] Word forms underarm : singular underarm plural underarms the area of your body under your arm II UK [ˈʌndərˌɑː(r)m] / US [ˈʌndərˌɑrm] adjective, adverb British if you throw a ball underarm,… …   English dictionary

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